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11th September (e) - Nc3 x b5 the knight sacrifice wins
[Also a) Qa4 x a6 - is the prosaic way to win.]

18th September d) Rh8 - e8 wins as Qxe8 allows Qxf3+ and then mate on g2, whilst the reply Q-d1 allows Qxf3+ Qxf3 Rxe1 mate.

25th September e) Rh1 - h8+ forces mate (Kxh8 Q-h5+ Kg8 Qh7 mate). Note that c) Qg5 - h5 loses to Qxc2 mate!

2nd October b) Ne4 - f6+ (double check, so the king has to move). The king can move to f8 or d8, either way Re8 is mate.

9th October d) Qg4 - f3 wins a bishop. The forced reply is QxQ, then the "in between move" Bxc5+ wins the bishop before retaking the queen.

16th October b) f7 - f8 =R is the correct solution - wins at least the Q for a rook. Promoting to a queen is wrong as it allows Qxg2+ forcing stalemate.

23rd October c) Bd3 x g6 and after hxg6 Qxg6+ Kh8 Rd3 wins

6th November a) Nd5 - c7+ only wins a rook for knight, b) Nd5 - f6+ wins the queen but e) Qa1 - e1+ forces checkmate f) Qa1 x g7 is also a very good move.

13th November White is in check and so must get out of check and cannot castle. The best move is d) Nc6 x a5 (or b2 - b4)

20th November b) Qh4 x h7+ wins as after Kxh7 Rd5 - h5 is mate

27th November Whilst e) Nf5 - h6+ is strong, as Kh8 Ne5xf7+ etc wins some material, d) Rg1 x g7+ forces mate (the main line finishing with Philidor's mate: Nxg7 2. Nh6+ Kh8 3. Ne5xf7+ Rxf7 4. Nxf7+ Kg8 5. Nh6+ Kh8 6. Qg8+ Rxg8 7 Nf7 mate)

4th December d) Qe5 - e1+ forces mate in 3 (Bxe1 2. Ne2+ Kh1 3. Rf1 mate).

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