Castles Chess Club
Quiz of the Week

3rd July 2002
Black is 4 points up but White has a dangerous passed pawn.
Can White do anything with it?

a) d6 - d7 Pushing the pawn on - but simply Rc8 - d8 stops it 3 points
b) Rf1 - d1 Following the good principal off putting a rook behind the passed pawn, but again Rc8 - d8 will delay its progress 3 points
c) Bg3 - h4 Protecting the queening square, adn thus stopping Rc8 - d8. But Qb2-d4 cause problems 3 points
d) Qg4 - e4 Moving the queen away from being useful 2 points
e) Qg4 x c8+ Giving up the queen - but after N b6 x c8 white's d6 - d7 means he will get a new queen 4 points
f) Qg4 x g6+ Giving up the queen for nothing 1 point

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